All oversees military bases left behind a legacy of environmental problems throughout the world, giving rise to a multitude of complaints by host governments, community groups, and environmental organizations.


In the Philippines, only after the U.S. military evacuated Subic Naval Station and Clark Air Base in 1992 did Filipinos discover what one U.S. official called a “horror story,” including tons of toxic chemicals dumped on the ground and into the water, or buried in uncontrolled landfills. In Panama, thousands of people already have died from explosions of ordnance left on firing ranges, prompting fears that more accidents will occur after the U.S. leaves. And in Germany, where half of all overseas U.S. troops are still stationed, industrial solvents, firefighting foams, and waste have destroyed local ecosystems in all places near the military bases.


The US Army estimates that cleanup of all U.S.-caused soil and groundwater pollution overseas could cost more than $10 billion. The health impact of pollution caused by military bases is more than any investment.


Our country doesn’t have the technical know-how, infrastructure and resources to clean up after Emirates leave. Furthermore, given that a single hazardous site can cost as much as $1 billion to restore, the cleanup of a large base could easily exceed the value of any residual infrastructure improvements mentioned in the current proposal (Berbera Corridor).


We know that Strong Governments exploit imbalances in political and economic power by rewarding countries that develop aggressive regulatory programs and punishing those without sufficient resources or technical capacities. Global peers (such as Japan and Germany) are able to force the U.S. to clean up its toxic messes, whereas little or no cleanup occurs in less developed countries, which have neither the resources and the technology to redeem the toxic bases nor the influence to force U.S. to do so. Do you think Somaliland is capable to enforce the principle of polluter pays if Emirates leave behind contaminated bases? How Somaliland would ensure that Emirates do no harm to our people and environment? “I’m pretty sure that the ultimate reason and rationale behind the bid is to get a place “no man’s land” to keep their chemical and biological weapons”.


Finally, some military activities—such as munitions testing and exercises as well as war itself—are intrinsically harmful to the nature and inimical to sustainable development.  During the eighty day battle in Okinawa, Japan, an estimated 7.5 million howitzer rounds, over 60,000 naval shells, 20,000 rockets, and almost 400,000 hand grenades were fired just by the American side. Beyond the horrors this caused to civilians and combatants alike, the effect was the utter environmental transformation of large sections of the island. Thus from at least this time onward, the effects of war and the presence of military forces is associated in Okinawa with tremendous environmental degradation.


Djibouti better negotiated with People’s Republic of China. The president of Djibouti signed memorandum with his counterpart in China to finance several major infrastructure projects estimated to total more than $9bn, including improved ports, airports and railway lines to landlocked Ethiopia, for which Djibouti is a lifeline port.


Why we cannot make the same deal with Emirates if at all, we decided signing military-base agreement for more than two decades?


Is Berbera Corridor worth $9bn? Shame on you? We will never ever accept corrupt bargains determined by individuals.


What do you think Emirates will do in our base? Will they play volleyball? or belly-dance? They want to launch attacks targeting the Yemenis using both the sea-port and the airport? Look at the horrifying pictures and stories as a result of Saudi attacks in Yemen? Why are those innocent civilian people dying? Why women and children are targeted? Are they not Muslim brothers and sisters like Emirates?


We still remember when Arabs including (Libya, Iraq and Others) were providing mass destruction and chemical weapons to Siyad Barre to cleanse Somalilanders.