ndonisia: 38 Qof Oo Ku Dhintay Shil Diyaaradeed


In ku dhaw 38 qof ayaa ku dhintay shilka  diyaarad ay ciidamada Cirka ee dalka Indonisia Lahaayeen oo ku dhacday deegaan ka tirsan dalka Dalka Indonesia.

An Indonesian police officer attempts to clear crowds from the area surrounding the downed plane after it crashed into residential buildings

Warkan oo ay baahiyeen telefishanada laga leeyahay dalka Indonesia ayaa sheegaya in qiiqa diyaaradaasi laga arkayay deeganka ay ku dhacday.

Firemen and military officials use fire hoses to douse the still-smouldering wreckage as rescue efforts get underwayA large piece of the Hercules C-130 sits among the debris while rescuers being pulling bodies from the wreckage
At least 38 people have been confirmed dead after the plane crashed minutes after taking off from a nearby air baseFirefighters and military personnel inspect the site of the crash where the army Hercules today crashed into a residential neighbourhoodHundreds of rescue workers are involved in the operation today to try and retrieve bodies from the wreckageMembers of the army keep the crowds at bay as the plane wreckage continues burning moments after crashing in the city of MedanMilitary and police officials retrieve a body from the wreckage of the downed HerculesA police officer stands guard near the site of the crash, where at least 38 people were killed. More bodies are expected to be found todayRescuers hold a fire hose as they attempt to extinguish the burning wreckage. The plane crashed just after midday, local timeThe military Hercules was carrying 12 crew members and 17 military personell when it crashed todayDestroyed cars and pieces of residential buildings can be seen amidst the rubble. It is the second time in 10 years that a plane has crashed into a Medan neighborhoodWitnesses described seeing the plane crash into a residential building and burst into a fireball upon impactHundreds of residents turned out to view the chaos in the moments following the crash in which at least 38 people have diedA relative of one of the plane crash victims breaks out in tears as she is comforted by others near the crash siteThe body of a victim of the plane crash is pulled from the wreckage. At least one child has been killed after the plane hit residential buildingsA piece of the Hercules C-130 bearing the country's military design is lifted by army personnel working at the sceneA car burns after it was hit by the plane when it crashed into a residential area in Medan and burst into flamesThe vehicle ended up pinned underneath parts of residential buildings and the tail section of the planeRescuers remove one of the aircraft's wheels as hundreds of others attempt to retrieve bodies from the crash site

“Waxa aanu guraynaa maydka dadka ku dhintay shilkan diyaaradeed, kuwaas oo midmid loo soo qaadayo” ayuu yidhi sarkaal ka tirsan ciidamada boolisku.