Somaliland Protectorate Stamps and Postal History


Stamps of Egypt were used from 1876 till 1884

Stamps of India were used from 1 January 1887 till 1903.

Control of British Somaliland was transferred from the Indian Government to the British Foreign Office on 1 June 1903.

On 1 June 1903 Stamps of  India overprinted BRITISH SOMALILAND were first issued.

The Protectorate was occupied by Italian forces in August 1940 and liberated 16-24 March 1941; civilian post was restarted on 27 April 1942.

Somaliland 1942 3 Rupees
3 Rupees stamp showing a map of the Somaliland Protectorate

In a referendum in 1960 the majority voted for unification with the newly independent Somalia. Somaliland Protectorate stamps were withdrawn from sale on 25 June 1960. The protectorate formally became part of Somalia on 1 July 1960.