HOW to manage your time?




Tips to build a successful and happy life.Hendri Tanjung/Nur Rohim Yunus.written by:AbdiNasser Guray Me’aad p3.


Jean de Bruyere said that those who use their time in an unmanaged way are the first who complain of no time.

By saying the above verse,jean de la indirectly wants to say that who ever does not manages his life time with mature plan, actually does not want to gain the maximum benefit of existing time.The nature of such person would be disorder and unmanaged, and at the end he/she will be complaining of no time.

Frequently, it is seen that some people seems to be very busy but in fact they produce nothing.Why it is so? This is because the time is unmanaged and being used disorderly. So please never say”I have already done so many things” but I Suggest you to say”I have produced so many things”.

The one who memorized Al-Qur’an can be seen by the result of his memorization and not only by his verbal words. A university student who is an activist in some organizations and got higher score of G.P.A. could be called a successful student,who had managed his time properly.While the students who fail, are included among those who had failed to manage their time.


Basically, the time that we consume every moment has certain characteristics that even could not be controlled by any super power.There are three main characteristic of time, i. e.:

First, Time is passing very fast.

The time is passing away very fast. It was just last night,we gathered in the restaurant and ate Chinese foods, and now we are feeling hungry again. It was just like yesterday we had weekend with family and now we are going to have another weekend again.Then it seems that we had just done a work, now we are doing another one. Previously we were children, now we have three children.

All the feeling mentioned above are also felt by others. The grand father’s always remember his childhood memory and if you ask him, he will say, it just seems to have happened a few days before.These all are the evidences that time is passing very fast as it is one its main nature or characteristic.

Seconly,time is possessing different frequencies.     

            Time frequencies varies from one occasion to others occasion, it depends on the situation and condition.This can be felt and judged through the capacity of different speed of different individual movement, through in fact the speed of such time is regular.

For Amin, one hour is equal to 60 minutes and for Arif, one hour is equal to 3600 second.There is no difference between both Amin and Arif.both are right and similar.The difference is only in terms of counting one hour.Amin counted it in term of minutes and Arif counted it in term of seconds. Terms of counting differences between them will               lead them to feel different conditions.

This could be more elaborated in terms of example.For instance, when you are waiting for someone, you will feel that time goes very slowly.One day is just like a week.In contrast, when you are on a honeymoon, you feel the duration of months seems running very fast.It just looks like a day. Same in the case of some one who spend his time for fun with his partner.Time passes in a very high frequency.No wonder if a verse comes from a song of “intimacy” says”This intimacy, do not go away soon”. Why it happens so?This is because the time posses different frequencies at different condition and situation.

Thirdly, time is fixed.

The passing time is actually fixed and unchangeable by another time. Once it passed, it will not return. The passing time continues to pass by, while the next time must be welcome by better deeds. So it is impossible to repeat or return the time passed by. No doubt, you could still dream by flashing back through your memory. But still you could not move backward because you are in the other time at present. The only thing one can do is to change the past to be better in present or be the best in the future. In fact, today is a past time of future and no one assures that future arises. Therefore, every body should think over his life to make some efforts for the restoration of good memories and throwing the bad memories as wisdom to gain future from.

After we realized and understood the nature and characteristics of the time, the next step is how to manage it? Here is where the main problem starts. Because this question not only demands to be aware of the time that you posses, but also advise us to be a friend of time. How to manage and become a friend of time at the same time could be visualized and seen during the Muslims perform their prayer. Praying not only requires to be aware of the praying movements alone, but at the same time should understand the meaning of such prayer and movements.

Time is the life.The duty of human beings as servants of Allah is to do more good deeds which are beneficial and always look upon mirror of elapsed time. In fact human beings posses the huge capacity and at the same time is limited with regard to their physical, soul and thought. Therefore all the activities needed to be quantified in the form of planning and certain methods of managements to chieve more efficiency both in terms of material and immaterial.

Based on experiences of successful people, the writer would like to suggest seven effective steps that could guide us to perform certain works and activities by utilizing efficiency both in terms of time and cost to gain maximum results. Those seven tips are mentioned below:

1       To have vision.

2       Focus.

3      To decide priority

4       To plan.

5       Do it now.

6       Evaluation.

7       Consistence.

We conclude the introduction then we beging seven tips to build a successful and hapy life,if Allah say…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Written by: Abdinasser  Guray  Me’aad