By Ali Hassan Meygag Samater Spokes Man for WADDANI, Toronto Canada


22222224444999888222443344444You could only describe it one way: this night, unlike any other, was special. The atmosphere was more electrifying, the ideas were bolder, the vision was grander, and the cake was sweeter. This meeting, in the makings months prior, in the end proved to be a testament to the skill and will of those who organized it.

When it was all set and done it was clear how much the countless meetings, consultations and planning sessions have paid off. This was truly a model of a political parties’ member cooperation and interaction at its best.

Held at the elegant Monte Carlo Inn & Suites Downtown Markham, the event featured a host of outstanding speeches from some of the most influential members of WADDANI at large, including heavy weights: Key note speaker Dr. Mohamed Fadal, Xildhiban Hussein Cige and Ambassador at large for WADDANI Marwo Zuhur Hassan Abiib. The event also featured many guests from other Somaliland Political parties notably the chairman of UCID Political Party Mr. Ahmed Ali Sabeyse and long-time Kulmiye Political Party founding member Mr. Mohamed Beergeel. There were additional speakers including WADDANI Toronto chairman Jama Jama, Mr. Ibrahim Absiye, prominent Somaliland intellectual Saeed Sheekh Mohamed as well as others notably long time Somaliland supporter Mr. Jim Karagianis, Mr. Abdirahman Ali Direyse, and Mr. Jama Herad Jama. The event was hosted by Marwo Amina Abdi Jama. The event came to a successful conclusion late in the night after much conversing, dining, dancing and celebrating. In the end those present were left with a lasting impression of a well-organized event and more importantly with a renewed sense of urgency and vigour given the upcoming General Elections next year. Below are some key of the key phrases articulated by the speakers: I Zuhur Hassan Abiib:

• If I were to throw away this Somaliland flag that I am holding, all of you will race to grab it before it would fall. Countless men, women and children have died and sacrificed for this flag: I urge you to guard the freedoms and the liberties that it represents.

• The use of excessive force in the intimidation of innocent citizens, children and mothers included, by the government needs to be stopped. • More women should be involved in the political process, but women themselves should be active and proactive. They should realize that nothing will be given to them unless they demand it.”

• WADDANI political party is at the forefront when it comes to women inclusion, compassion for the poor as evident in the recent stoppage of campaign time in favour of serving the poor an the less fortunate.” Dr Mohamed Fadal:

• Is this the best we could do? To go back in time and regress into the old days of asking the Guurti to solve our disputes?

• Whatever happened to the mandate that was transferred to the civilian government and the Somaliland constitution in 2000? • It looks to me that the people of Somaliland have outpaced the ruling politicians of Somaliland in their growth as guardians of free speech and as lovers and embracers of the rule of law and democratization. Xildhiban Hussein Cige:

• I encourage women to seek what is theirs. I want them to know that no one will give u things on a silver spoon.

• I have never seen, except here in Toronto Canada an occasion where one political party ( WADDANI in this case here) organized a gathering where the other rival political parties are represented in this way. This is a stellar example of a democracy in action.