Silanyo and his Henchmen are Gasping for air!


Siilaanyo_murgoThe Kulmiye party is in the midst of a political quagmire with shifting alliance, counter-strategies and gut checkingwhich led the party to break into two irreconcilable camps. Silanyo and his henchmen are the instigators of the turbulence that generated a rift within the party and significantly eroded any chance that Silanyo would have for reelection.  Silanyo’s camp is deeply committed to bulldozing anyone who stands in their way and they are not ashamed to resort to extreme measures in order to selfishly gain control under any circumstance.

Since Silanyo is either incapable or unwilling to consider the overall situation and how his draconian approach will affect the peace and unity during this contentious and tumultuous period, worrisome uncertainties can be the only outcome. Silanyo is not acting presidential and abandoned his responsibilities to mitigate the party’s in-fighting. Rather, he ignored the bylaws of the party that stipulates the right of any of the central committee, particularly the chairman to run for President. Fair and free democracy fosters diversity of opinions without impeding threat for one’s position. Threating members of the party to choose sides with some degree of repercussions is the behavior of totalitarian form of government, not democracy. If Silanyo doesn’t respect the position of the Chairperson of the party who is elected in due process and under the guidelines of the party’s constitution, then the legitimacy of presidency will be debased and nullified. Silanyo can’t have his cake and eat it too.

Moreover, Silanyo and his henchmen couldn’t have picked on a more formidable and politically savvier opponent than Mr. Muse Bixi.  Mr. Bixi is an astute politician, smart, and a decorated veteran with brass balls who is a tough contender to reckon with. He was underestimated by his opponents often, but at the end of the day he always emerges as the victor. Silanyo’s camp somehow convinced themselves that Mr. Bixi will be appeased with the chairmanship and therefore, assumed that he will not run for president. To their surprise, after Bixi secured the chairmanship he announced his candidacy for the president, referring to the constitution and the bylaws of the party that clearly permits it.

Consequently, Silanyo and his camp resented the announcement and started revoking the fair party election that awarded Mr. Bixi the chairmanship. Perhaps someone should remind Silanyo and his camp to lick their wounds and exercise caution the second time around, because there is no wiggle room in this. Be gracious and appreciate the masterful strategy employed by Mr. Bixi and take notes.

The intention and the timing of removing Dr. Mohomed Abdillahi from his position proved to be misguided and a political travesty. It reaffirmed that not only Silanyo is not in control, but his henchmen have competing ambitions and their unorchistrated decision is not necessarily aimed to help Silanyo’s reelection aspirations. This hasty decision solidified Mr. Bixi’s position, who now has the backing of Mr. Ahmed Mohomed Kahin who is a reputable statesman and decorated veteran, many other heavy weight members of the Kulmiye party, and the majority of the public who are disgusted with the continuous blundering and mishaps of Silanyo’s government.

Out of desperation Silanyo and his camp are hell bent to dethrone Mr. Bixi, but the momentum shifted to Bixi’s camp and he has the upper hand politically. Yesterday, the police under misguided orders from their superiors tried to arrest people who put stickers on their cars expressing solidarity with Mr. Bixi, but the masses came to their aid and shooed-away the police.

The arrest of the three party members in Berbera is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It is a blatant and absurd power abuse to arrest these members for their support for Mr. Bixi and the people of Somaliland would not stand for it. I urge the people of Somaliland to vehemently protest against this naked aggression and injustice. Otherwise, the tens of thousands SNM fighters who died for ousting Afwayne to secure liberty and freedom died in vain and we should be shame of ourselves.

UUUUUMMM what is your take about the explosion in Hargeisa? It is not beneath Silanyo’s camp to instigate confusion, fear and urgency to hoodwink the public for extension of their term that has about a year left. The people of Somaliland have endured much worse predicaments over the years. Therefore if you think that you can scare them to like you, you have no clue.

Hassan Elmi

California USA