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Sub office: Airport Road

Behind Ambassador Hotel

Land line: 569957

Hargeisa, Somaliland



World Vision Somaliland is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to serve the needy and oppressed people. The organization is implementing Disaster Risk Reduction / Resilience programme focusing on integrated Food security and Livelihood, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene and Education and child protection program in Baki,  Lughaya and Odwenye district of Awdal and Togdheer regions of Somaliland.

World vision Somaliland with support from World Vision Hong Kong is implementing fistula victims support project.  The project aims at improving the health and livelihood of Somaliland’s women affected by fistula and other reproductive disease in Togdheer Region, Somaliland

World Vision Somaliland Programme with an Office in Hargeisa is inviting potential and reliable contractors for the following works as follows

  1. Reference: Invitation to Tender for Construction of:
  • Construct 1 ward to accommodate 20 fistula women patients
  • Construct 2 latrines and 1 shower for new ward
Facility / Detailed Activity Target Village/s
  1. Construct 1 ward to accommodate 20 fistula women patients
National Borama Fistula Hospital in Borama
  1. Construct 2 latrines and 1 shower for new ward


  1. Description of Project

World Vision Somaliland is inviting the reliable contractors and of financially stable to submit their bids to provide construction services. World Vision will be so much interesting in those contractors who can be able to bid for full contract in which construction materials cost, Transportation cost and labour cost for services to be rendered are to be clearly spelled out in bids. Contractors are responsible to deliver the bids to World Vision office on their own cost wherever World is operating. Preferably Hargeisa office.

  1. Proposal Guidelines
  2. World Vision Somaliland is looking for registered and qualified contractors to do this work.
  3. Interested contractors are requested to collect and fill Quotation application documents from our World Vision, Hargeisa office within 10 days of this advert. All the technical details will be availed /attached to the quotation application documents.
  4. N/B- During the tender application, kindly include the following
  5.             Company Profile,
  6.             List of Technical Team/ Engineers and company’s equipment’s available to do the assignment
  7.             Contact person (All Official Names)
  8.             Day telephone/mobile phone numbers.
  9.             Tax Compliance document
  10.             Valid and up to date company registration documentation.
  11.             Any proof of documentation/ recommendation letters of doing Education projects, construction classrooms and latrines or /engineering work.


Filled quotation and supportive documents should be delivered and submitted to WV Somaliland Supply Chain Department in Hargeisa in a written form sealed not later than Thursday 3rd April 2014 before noon (12:00 PM). In sealed envelope clearly marked as above and addressed to:

Procurement &Tendering Committee