We Can Stop Raping together and there is no One above the Law, By Abdiqani Ibrahim Salaf kaptanka


captain wahenI have watched you tube  documentary  talking about raping in Somaliland, so my question is why some men enjoying beating hell some women? I mean how can raper enjoy to force a woman to submit to sexual intercourse against her will? And may be the woman is already bleeding, crying and suffering so I would like to know what kind of human feeling that raper has? 

In a little less then a year, the police has handled more than hundreds of rape cases, between January and October last year, there have been 250 rapes reported in Hargeisa and its suburbs, compared with the 350 for the whole 2012, according to government figures and human rights,

Several recent high-profile cases also happen last year in Hargeisa  including the killing of two women, first its kind in history in Somaliland, the allegations against women countless in recent years and most of them happens  in terms of Kulmiye ruling party under president Silaanyo’s authority,

“Out on the streets, specially at evening you can find, groups of men patrolling on the dark places armed with knives, metal bars, and etc. targeting mostly a women, so where is the government role of dealing with this? where are the masked police so called RRU breaking the doors of innocent citizens at mid-night just like Mr Guled a former togdheer regional chairperson,

Last year August there was a young lady was heading home with a male cosine, after an evening class, when six men lured them onto a private car. with no one else insight, they beat the man with a metal bar,and left him laid on the ground, raped the lady and use the bar to inflict massive internal injuries. the woman were dumped naked on the roadside. the criminal know that there is no fast-truck court for the raping and the justice is weak.

We just, can’t forget how the victims suffering at the hands of criminals, unless we punish them in the hands of justice,  I,m suggesting to Somaliland authority to secure the safety of the Somaliland women, its time do actions against criminals.

best regards,