Ogeysiis, Ogeysiis


Waxa la ogeysiinayaa shacabka reer Somaliland ee degan London in ay  ka soo qayb  galaan business opportunity  presentation ka dhici doona xafiiska West London Somaliland community  eek u yaal Hayes , maalinta Arbacada ee  bishu tahay 15/01/2014  7da fiidnimo. waa fursad aad u wanaagsane yaanay ku dhaafin.

Fantastic Opportunity

1-Many people looking for 2nd job &
2-some people don’t have job & they even have visa to work
3- some people are not happy at their work place.
They are also very busy and broke.
Why is this happening?

The great opportunity in all over 23 first world countries, expanding rapidly.
Wake up call guys bring your friend who is in any of the above categories Please give them an opportunity.

Wednesday 15th January, we have arranged the following venue
Opportunity Overview at 7 pm sharp.

80 East Ave , Hayes UB3 2HR