Somaliland’s cold meeting wih the deposed awdal state traitor is a classic example of the ruling system’s constant blackmail of its people


They, for sure, know that the disgruntled Rashid is deposed and has no role to play whatsoever in the Awdal State affairs. Then, why did they meet him is the question. The answer is simple is to explain. They want to lie to their people and blackmail them with fictitious victories. A typical Siyad Barre’s revolution’s victories, known in Somali as.. “Guulihii gacaanka.”

Such a callous meeting mean nothing, but only a renewal of the old cover up ruling gang strategies. It is a weak attempt to desuade the eyes of people away from the facts on the ground …the fast growing wealthy kingdom of Habarjeclo by beating the fake old drums ….see us here. We did this…we did that there.

The usual habit of attempting to create a show where there is nothing to see on a blank screen. Zero multiplied by zero is zero and zero added to another Zero is equal to zero. That is what we call “ ASAL MA DOORSHE” in Somali language. Both sides of the meeting table is empty in the real world but exist only in an illusionary dark world.

The craze, and the imaginations are business as usual and distortions are the rule. That is why emotional somalilanders suspended rational analysis, independent judgment, and conscious decision making about what they are hearing or taking in. They, therefore, have lost the boundaries between what they wished to be true and what is actually true.

Traitor Rashid is a typical selfish person who views others only as a means to get what he wants. He has a tunnel vision which starts from and leads to himself and his personal needs alone.

A very peculiar and common trait which a selfish and conceited person possesses is that he always puts himself and his needs on the forefront.  He only gives heed to his priorities, his goals and in the process would not think of anyone else. When it comes to getting his needs met and his work done, he would turn a deaf ear to the wishes of others and to the moral values. This man also has all the characteristics of a traitor

A traitor is that person who, like Rashid, betrays his people when they need his loyalty the most. There are many kinds of traitors, but the worst kind of traitor is the one who attacks his people to fulfill his selfish needs and desires. A traitor is such a low-life and morally corrupt person who only exists at a selfish level. That type of person’s conscience and soul is long dead.

As an accepted and professed rule of conduct, a person with fake moral principles ,like Rashid, is rejected in any society. Rashid attempted to buy the tries to agony and the blood of of his own people in a very cheap and black market.

In the case of this traitor, all what he said is no more than a bag of foul air from his empty head. In many times, we come across people who are hard to forget. Well, not always because they are helpful or bequeath us with some wonderful experiences, but sometimes because they give us unforgettable awful experiences with their utterly bad behavior and selfish characteristics

Let the empty sides of that drama table understand that Awdal People watched your ugly show in bemused, if not stunned, silence as they tried to digest the gist of the stinging message in tandem and disgust.

Also, let them know that….. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time

The real truth is that the will of the people is solid and unshakeable. The    march of the masses is in full force and unstoppable. Read the history of the dictators and their lies and how that did not work. It was only yesterday and it is too soon to forget.

Osman Elmi