Somaliland delegation in Turkey led by the president Ahmed Siilaanyo is very essential to the country indeed.


As seen in the press of Somaliland a heavy delegation consist of the ministers of Energy, Commerce and foreigner Affairs led by the President of Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud  together with the first lady of the nation Amina Weris Mohamed.

The president of Somaliland and his delegation flew to Turkey with very fundamental and essential business of diplomacy and projects that will definitely change to Somaliland as a new Dubai in terms of infrastructures of the country mainly the road and all significant general services of Somaliland society elsewhere with the implementation of balances and equal rights for the provinces and national fellows dwell those different regions of Somaliland.

The president of Somaliland who is regarded fully my personal hero and brilliant example of my peers and all other members of the society in our country.  Definitely, there is vision and mentality that used with the leader of the country and all frontline ministers of this country who often sleep less for the development of this nation generously and have been trying harder for the last three years of Ahmed Siilanyo reign, in which parts of the populations of very small number pelt with offences and serious personal assassination of baseless for the purpose of killing off for good by making very soft target of abusive propaganda and insult.

The patriotic society that inherit the shinning future of Somaliland politics so proud of the president’s accomplishment towards Somaliland nonstop developments and continuous projects changed our country so beautifully straight away for the efforts of our leadership. However, that delegation in Turkey went there with very sensible and enormous agenda to discuss with one of our close allies of Turkey that included country rebuilding and changing or bring up the level of other developed countries and also diplomatically strengthen the relation between the two counties, in spite of opening mutual offices the capital of the two countries and to court for the regime of Turkey redoubling for the support given Somaliland in a similar way or better scale of Somali support Turkey rebuilt Somalia since established that relationship between those countries.

The President and his respectful delegation members will assure that country that their airline may come to Somaliland for the gains of better economic gains, as Somaliland citizens often travel from Europe to the back home that will highly augment the economy of Turkey very strongly.

Anyhow, Ahmed Siilaanyo has proved to be a national hero due to his achievements and what he has done to his country for a short period of time actually that changed the country for good. Even though, that developments and achievements will stipulate very strong condition to those after him and lead Somaliland possibly in future time, without nonsense any other business that set Somaliland back and ruining position of our nation irresponsibly.

The nation will have to fully support nationally with the only interest of their country and people rather than eyeing minor things of individual issues. Therefore, Ahmed Sillaanyo and his ministers absolutely deserve applause and attention of wide trust to be given in spite of that huge dignity and honour intend to make Somaliland better place and country fulfil all the probable criteria required as a nation like all essential services provided to the citizens sufficiently, in which this Ahmed Siilanyo’s regime has already covered the most of them.

What if, Ahmed Siilaanyo and his regime secure building that Ceerigabo Road and seek this massive funding for his nation and country, will the people of Somaliland reward or revenge? As a nation of Somaliland, why do not we think freely and finely to follow up the brilliant mentality of united and patriotic nations lack of traitors and stooges serve for the enemy against their country.

The expectations of Somaliland citizens from Turkey will be very outstanding and hopeful work that will change Somaliland position of infrastructures forever certainly. And President Ahmed Siilaanyo and other will go into the register of the most commemorated figures in this nation, for the sake of their contributions that people boast and praise when it comes to leadership and the rich services of the nation of Somaliland.

Furthermore, the childish culture of many Somaliland incompetent politicians based on only attention seek and quite aggressive denouncements against the most precious figures of Somaliland all times heroes with regards to their reliable political reforms and innovations taken place in Somaliland that three years, I can tell those to shut that filthy up and fight for better legacy to leave country like Ahmed Siilaanyo and his respectful team, in terms of governmental procedure or system accuracy is other measurements that gradually is being developed to rectify persistently.

The desperate despair is with the opposition Parties and certain individuals while hope is with the government and its political Party of Kulmiye. Look at those shouting around the corner who announced to be running the presidential position, what the tremendous and solid responsibility is that, but do they see the wider picture about it yet? No, they absolutely did not see the light yet and surely lost on that path leads to the Somaliland Presidential palace.

Abdilahi John