How to training community( the term of protection)


kamabalaProtection: we are going to define concept of protection


¡  Protection is about ensuring the safety and security of persons in all situations including during violent conflict.

¡  Protection is also about upholding dignity and integrity by ensuring that persons experience a sense of self worth and personal independence.

¡  International convention civil and political right

¡  All activities aimed at ensuring full respect for the rights of the individual in accordance with the letter and the spirit of the relevant bodies of law, i.e. the human rights law, international humanitarian law and refugee law.

  1.  Protection as an objective:

This requires full and equal respect for the right of all individuals, without discrimination, as provided for in national and international law.  This is not limited to survival and physical security but covers the full range of rights, including civil and political rights, such as the right to freedom of movement and to political participation, and economic, social and cultural rights, including the rights to education and health.

2. Protection as a legal responsibility:

This requires that the principle level of responsibility lies with the state and its agents. In situations of armed conflict, that responsibility extends to all parties to the conflict under international humanitarian law, including armed opposition groups. Human rights, humanitarian and development actors play an important role as well, in particular when states and other authorities are unable or unwilling to fulfill their protection obligations.

¡  3. Protection as an activity:

Action must be taken to (any action to ensure the enjoyment of rights).  There are typically three activities within protection which can be carried out concurrently: to prevent or stop violations of rights; to be remedial to ensure a remedy to violations, including through access to justice and reparations; and environment building to promote respect for rights and the rule of law


Types of Protection activities:

¡  Responsive Action; It is primarily about stopping, preventing or mitigating a pattern of abuse and/or alleviates its immediate effects.

¡  Remedial Action; restores people’s dignity and ensures adequate living conditions through compensation, restitution, and rehabilitation,

¡  Environment Building; fosters an environment conducive to respect for the rights of individuals in accordance with the relevant bodies of law

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