The Forum for Consultation and Corrections must be there to salvage Somaliland Ibrahim Mead Ottawa, Canada


Any one who is against Consultation and Correction, or redirecting astray administration is placing Somaliland in a national suicide predicament!

ibraTo oppose against the rights of a group of citizens who also happened to be the founders of this Republic to speak up and invite Mr. Siilanyo to answer some questions is ludicrous, unpatriotic and “Gulwadistic” in totality.   

This Forum spoke only when their government failed Somaliland and worse still when the failed government denied the fact that they failed and they failed the nation, further more when there is no check and balance! they fill in the vaccum.

Thinking politicians and others must unify their forces with the conscionable people to work together for common goals to help and redirect an off-track government whether they like it or not.

Now I am hearing that the Siilanyo motivated clan traders and others are saying that they want to mediate between the conscience of the nation and Mr. Siilanyo and his government! The conscience of the nation is saying enough is enough. We can not witness the downfall of Somaliland in our watch. We have to collectively including the Sultans and others mutually consult how to correct and redirect a failed government! Siilanyo and his government are saying don’t correct us, Somaliland belongs to us because they elected us. Who elected this “forum for consultation and correction” they argue! Already so many sultans of the pocket announced their support of the stray Siilanyo even when they are destroying the country with corruption, short sightedness, and ineptness. In this situation one side is right and one side is wrong. The conscience of the nation (Forum of consultation and Correction) is right and the oligarchy government of Mr. Siilanyo is deceptively wrong. Any moral person can not appease the wrong but some people are doing it!


The integrity, respect, and seriousness of Somaliland has ebbed in a way we never thought it will come to that level in any time, but it did under Mr. Siilanyo and his administration.  When a government fails her people, when a government is under suspicion and when a government and her people are in distance apart, people take the matter in their hands in two ways:
a) by demonstrations and violence
b) by Consultation and correction in a round table and discuss what went wrong for their cause and case and how to correct the government. And that is what the Forum for Consultation and Corrections is for, after all. Why any body else be it the government or the tarnished clan elders or expired salary collectors in our former houses of congress reject this virtue!? They reject what is right because they lost their moral compass long time ago.


When people don’t trust their government with their hopes and aspirations, then the people speak, and they have every right to protect and safeguard the country.
When a government fails to speak for the revered cause of her people in the right way, then in such situations people have the right to speak for their cause them selves, so Somaliland people are speaking? When the people believe that their government is part of the problem and not part of the solution and does not safeguard the people’s right of free speech and the right to speak up for their opinion , then the people tend to get the matter in to their hands


“Where is the government of Mr. Siilanyo!?” people are wondering. When the people are asking the government the above questions, most people say that the administration are in the dark rooms, travelling under the cover of lies, hiding a lot from the people, selling a contraband! If some one is not hiding some thing, then why Siilanyo and clique are shouting on the top of their voices demeaning the new forum for consultations and corrections?

In such situations, at least the Forum of “wadatashi iyo toosin” is the solution.  Mr. Siilanyo and others with him are claiming otherwise. They are dead wrong. They are on the wrong side of history.

If that call for Mutual Consultation and correction is hindered and blocked unwisely by the cousins running the affairs of Somaliland to day and by the politicized and hired sultans, then a revolt which no body can for see the end of it could happen. The crazy religious extremists, like “Alshabaab” or others will get the chance they have been looking for.
I believe that is why this newly formed Forum for consultation and correction is created to avert such unpredictable situation. The Forum of Consultation is a bless not a curse in my opinion


Peace and prayers

Ibrahim Mead