The new foreigner minister of Somaliland is equipped with tools needed.


The new nominated Somaliland foreign minister Mohamed Bihi Yoonis arrived Somaliland on Sunday where he has been saluted and welcomed with applause and warm reception given to him by thousands of Somaliland nationals who are very enthusiastic to see the new minister to have started his work and change the current characteristics of the ministry and its work. As people of Somaliland believe that the ministry and its duties are the backbone of the nation’s international issues and also connecting Somaliland directly to the universal, where Somaliland is isolated and being unrecognized orphan country among the African nations and also through the world in general. Because, Mr Yoonis is absolutely right man for the right job in accordance with his diplomatic experiences and genuine access he has got the international communities, where there are many of his own workmates, colleagues and also acquaintances around the globe, who at least will convey the principle of Somaliland to the world of today perfectly.

Definitely analytical issues indicate that the new minister will do something for certain areas that administratively not well organized and properly functioning quite perfectly before diplomatically, due to lack of proper procedures and connections between the related parts that was totally absent from there deeply, and the most of the well educated people often see that negligence and lack of organizing and skills to deliver this kind of work that potentially will hasten the brilliant role of Somaliland campaign to secure of recognition and to be connected firmly with the international communities scientifically by presenting through the nature of Somaliland qualities in terms of fulfilling the all criteria of being free nation, that administratively bigger and better so many existed countries for the currant time in the world, who have got the mandate of being country member of United Nations body permanently.

Many Somaliland people interviewed shortly after the arrival of Mr Yoonis by some Televisions and Papers denoted that they are very confident and pleased, that Mohamed Yoonis will vigorously land on the missing qualities of the foreign office with knowledge and experience, while he has been working United Nations and knows how to deal with these situations. First hand, the minister has every right to select his own team that are going to be the wings and engine of his ministry in order to take very sensible take off and turnaround for the success to gain diplomatically. On the other hand Mohamed Yoonis must totally would have to change a poor conducts of the ministerial way that many ambassadors were living in the capital city Hargeisa for the last years for the closure of their offices in abroad like South Sudan.

The leader of Somaliland Ahmed Siilaanyo often attempts to promote the well being of the governance that has been gradually developed the country quite tremendously for the last three years of power, in which Somaliland improved in a certain level that competes with the international role. Certainly, Somaliland is moving towards the right path and have entire connection with the world, in accordance with security, business, diplomacy and full cooperation with mature ties towards world that possibly will boost the Somaliland chances to join the world Nations for good and be part of them normally.

Conclusively, no doubt that the new Minister Mohamed Yoonis is quite competent and energetic individual that definitely Somaliland needs for like these certain fields that will innovate and redouble better building capacity of the foreign office or the whole system as well. Anyhow, before jumping into that conclusion positively the mechanism of the governmental bodies together will be balanced and strengthened, for the attention of the important ministries those play very significant roles for the existence and developments of Somaliland to reflect for the strategic plan set off by Ahmed Siilaanyo’s regime or before. It seems that the Nation of Somaliland has had very huge congregation and rally to welcome the new minister of foreign affairs Mr Yoonis for the need of gaining strong diplomat and diplomatic relations for the world, in which will produce very excellent impact as soon as possible, the belief and confidence for the minister’s work delivery is very high and more reliable choice indeed.

Minister Mohamed Yoonis is expected to establish very strong channels of Communication with the Somaliland Diaspora, in order to strengthen that relations and work, as Somaliland Community in abroad is very massive force of financial and political means to the country. Therefore, if organized well and minister will have worked them quite seriously, that will change the previous situation that some people believe it was very shambolic and nontransparent politically.

Abdilahi Ali Hassan John