The tiny former British protectorate of Somaliland is being destabilized by reckless politicians, without legal opposition criteria.


Somaliland republic in the horn of Africa is country of three and half million people that has been fully stable from the serious unrest difficulties of terrorism and piracy which maimed completely the continent of Africa, especially the neighboring country of Somalia that has had stumbles blocks of johhuge turmoil for the last twenty two years.  But Somaliland republic had very sustainable peace where rule of law has been established in the years 1992-1993, since that memorable period, the country was going towards developments and democratic role in which simplifies so many issues of unity and full nationalism for the national fellows of Somaliland. Because this country or administration follow suit or imitates Britain, the former guiding or caretaker of this land and nation who have very great influences for the country in terms of governmental systematically functioning and also the general infrastructures and certain planning left by the Britain itself.

The country of Somaliland improved better relations of the neighboring countries of Ethiopia which is the closest friend of Somaliland, and also Somalia and Djibouti that Somaliland shares some common languages and culture as well.  However Somaliland entirely worked with very mature and friendly approaches towards all neighboring countries to strengthen the significant peace and stability in the region, in order to ensure the safety and livelihood of the continent firstly and secondly for the world in general, due to universe is being one village today. 

 Somaliland had been democratically held many elections of municipalities, parliamentarians and presidential competitions as well, in which had given the upper hand and success for late presidential election for the current president of Somaliland, H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Siilaanyo, and the recent election of presidency in June 2010. Nevertheless, the regime elected lately and chosen from the two other national parties or presidential candidates Ahmed Siilaanyo and his Kulmiye Political Party that population of Somaliland fairly and freely elected tremendously and landslide votes to Ahmed Siilanyo, the current leader of Somaliland who preferably seemed the statesman rather than a politician in accordance with his political philosophy and efficient knowledge of economical skills and leadership gained from Britain where he was generously educated for one of the best universities there.


It goes without saying that the country of Somaliland has been developed and rebuilt quite massively, not only infrastructures of the country alone, but also very high level governmental procedures had been put in place transparently and also security was prioritized quite hugely, so as to ascertain and confirm the safety of non Somaliland nationals around the globe who live in or work in Somaliland with dignity and very reliable and courteous way, because the top priority of the government of Somaliland is security and humanitarian relief advancements in every field of this society and also the dwellers of non Somaliland nationals. 

Unluckily, the unsuccessful candidates and chairmen of the failed political organizations that did not succeed to be one of the three national Political parties defined by the constitution of the country make huge mistakes of destroying the whole system and sovereignty jealously and enviously. Indeed, it is unacceptable to create bribery and violation of law with protest and riots for the intent of power struggle. Therefore this group unconstitutionally wants to depose this regime with tribal issues and illegal reconciliations illegitimately sabotages that will turn this tiny democratically elected and peaceful republic of Somaliland complete disorder and no man’s land.  Hence, this unthinkable ailment is retaliation and the region will be affected and weakened by terrorism and piracy which have been fully eradicated and held with iron fest with this current time.  So that is why the International Communities praised Somaliland for their achievements and security attainments for the last twenty two years in the region courageously.

The International Communities must have a direct intervention to Somaliland for this current situation and give full support for the democratically elected regime led by Ahmed Siilaanyo in order to keep the better continuation of democracy and legitimacy of the elected regime by its own people with free and fair elections.  The world have to deeply keep an eye on Somaliland and renewed political squabbles created by politicians who wrongly disturbing statesman who has got the confidence, support and also mandate of  his country and people of Somaliland quite enormously.

Somaliland is unable to lose that grip of democracy and stability exists widely and sufficiently there in that tiny country. However, the international community especially the neighboring countries of Ethiopia, Djibouti and also Western have to send clear message to those groups destabilizing the country and having unconstitutional insurgency against democratically approved or elected government by its own people. Anyway, the former tiny British protectorate of Somaliland is in danger to be destabilized by some groups lost the trust and confidence of the society of the country and could not manage to take a competitive democratically challenges.  And also have had severe defeats for many occasions in the past as well as political dents in the long run future despite people of Somaliland turn blind eye to their garbage political thoughts and procedures.


Abdilahi John