Kulmiye’s Political Success was not Child’s play.


It is a long way to go to have completed for the all expected innovations with in every imaarea quite essentially and efficiently, even though the majority pledges of KULMIYE Party has been fulfilled and implemented quite committed and honest efforts.  But the president of Somaliland and his vice president sprinted forward administratively quite reasonable destination in order to beef up the governmental management gradually in which has been started in a level that national fellows of Somaliland all convince without hiding anything at all.

The positive and patriotic national fellows are very delighted for the significant governance of Somaliland led by the current regime of Ahmed Siilaanyo. We highly appreciated and praised of every method to strengthen his administration in terms of the whole integrity and transparent procedures put in place tremendously. However, the missing role of female General Directors will be fully covered in the near future, as many people view for that matter and would be interested in to see some female individuals to be included those directors recently nominated by the heroic president of Somaliland Ahmed Siilaanyo.

The Nation of Somaliland is very proud of the positive and constructive opposition parties who are going to replace the current administration of Somaliland; indeed, the majority rules the minorities often. Therefore, if the Nation support and elect either Ucid or Wadani in the future time to the reign, Kulmiye will peacefully hand over the leadership as President Dahir Rayaale Kahin of Udub Party did, when he has been politically defeated by Ahmed Siilanyo Party of Kulmiye that brilliantly leading the country into prosperity, progress and peace today, where there is no a firm complaint, nepotism, corruption, bias or mismanagement of the whole systematical Government.

The opposition Parties of today only need to approach the society as individually or as a group especially for very important persons who can manage to bring the victory needed and attainment of the leadership of Somaliland and strongly connects the bridges of the populations.

The decision is yours and working with the matter needs very huge task to penetrate in for all the obstacles and difficulties surrounded for the leadership. Definitely, it took Kulmiye Party to secure that triumph for almost eight years, so neither of these Parties will succeed with matter of few years to the chair of presidency.  It is only dream and sleep-walking expectations to win the country’s leadership in two shakes of lamb’s tail and so on.

Many different programs will facilitate to land on that victory, it is a love and respect among the society of Somaliland in general. Therefore, denouncing the government of Somaliland and the national officers unfoundedly way will really create vendetta that Somaliland citizens withdraw the support and confidence from your Parties of Ucid or Wadani.

It is very important to think deeply what are the paths of victory and the way to generate that neutral powerful revolutionary towards successful achievements to the leadership democratically and fair competitive challenges.  Criticism and immature political squabble only delays the momentum and the visionary to achieve this possibility for the opposition Parties.

What is your goal? Where do you want to go from this point as political party attempting to produce the phenomenon result that Kulmiye party smartly overwhelmed Udub with very excellent and well organized movements or social force.

You can decide today tomorrow democratically and with fine fighting for political change, if you see that Somaliland Government is not the right one for the nation, there is no any other reason to change or remove this democratically elected regime rather than securing the nation’s confidence and support in order to vote for your plan, if people satisfy to trust your proposal of political program and strategy then they will follow you to ensure that victory.

What if, you do not trust your legal political Party and support unconstitutional process of treason and traitor ways with illegitimate arguments and trouble creating in which some important individuals are involved in for their late press conferences declaring that they founded an organization that will rescue the Somaliland Nation from disaster and so called unspecified and unseen mismanagements accused of outstanding strength and also guiding light of the society..

Indeed, this country of Somaliland does not want nonsense political dispute of unfounded and baseless propaganda used by incompetent individuals who completely lost the support and confidence of Somaliland society.  Meanwhile, the chairman of UCID Party was not totally supposed to campaign for unconstitutional and illegal organizations who attempt to make political explosions and serious hostilities among the society of Somaliland with the deep division and tribalism that is being revoked to our own constitution initiated quite long time ago. I definitely call for those group to test their own political capability by joining the national parties rather than beating about the bush and could not establish the better procedure of being honest politician here in Somaliland.

The Nation of Somaliland fully denounces for that unconstitutional organization been declared in Somaliland recently which seems that the leader of Ucid Political Party trusted wrongly turmoil and certain level of political setbacks in Somaliland, of course, it is cancellation of democracy and the constitution of the country where Chairman Faysal of Ucid previously praised to be the forerunner of Somaliland democracy process that started in the year of 2001.  Unfortunately, the democracy has been decapitated badly today when some elites and intellectuals tracked backed their own footprint and trusted tribal reconciliations which are absolutely treacherous and traumatic of the future generation’s assets. Despite of this situation, it is definitely criminal act that puts those responsible for it behind the bars. Because legally the constitution serves the nation to give their fundamental rights and punish those break the law carelessly or knowingly.

This nation of Somaliland will never allow echoes that are intended to eliminate a proper functioning system that constructed the whole essential services of the society quite abundantly. However, those mistakenly offended the country’s constitution must restrain from that wrong doing of possibly damages the sovereignty and independence of Somaliland as a nation.

Abdilahi John