BENEFICIARY COUNTRY:       Somaliland    

DESCRIPTION:            Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project (HUWSUP): Drilling, Installation, Development and Test Pumping of 4 Production Boreholes at Ged Deeble and Hora Haadley Wellfields, Hargeisa, Somaliland

DATE OF THIS EOI:                                                    03 July 2013

CLOSING DATE FOR RECIEPT OF EOI:                                 17 July 2013


Description of Requirements:

UNON on behalf of UN-HABITAT seeks the interest of qualified firms to participate in the upcoming solicitation exercise for the provision of borehole drilling works  for the Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project (HUWSUP), Somaliland.  The works are part of a comprehensive water infrastructure package for the rehabilitation and expansion of the Hargeisa Urban Water System, undertaken by Hargeisa Water Agency, with technical support from UN-Habitat and funding by the European Union.


The scope of works will consist of the  construction of 4 new Production Boreholes at the Ged Deeble and Hora Haadley wellfields, located between 23 and 30km from Hargeisa Town, Somaliland – as follows:

          LOT-1: New Borehole(s) at Ged Deeble wellfield: Drilling, Installation, Development and Test Pumping of 1 Production Boreholes at Ged Deeble (K-16). Anticipated depth: 220m; expected yield: 900 m3/day.

          LOT-2: New Boreholes at Hora Haadley wellfield: Drilling, Installation, Development and Test Pumping of 3 new Production Boreholes at Hora Haadley (HH-1, HH-2, HH-3). Anticipated combined depth: 540m (average depth: 180m); expected combined yield: 2,600 m3/day.


Drilling will be through unconsolidated sediments and sedimentary rocks, while a thin layer (not exceeding 10m) of hard bedrock may be penetrated towards the bottom of the boreholes. Depending on site conditions and hydrogeological characteristics, the boreholes will follow, as much as possible, a standard design with a telescoped drilling diameter from 17¼” (0 to 10m bgl), 14¼” (10 to 80m bgl) and 12½” (80m bgl to final depth). Installation will be with uniform 8” special thick-walled uPVC casings and screens (heavy duty Ø 8″; OD 225 x 10,8 mm), threaded,  medium-deep-well series. All boreholes will be installed with suitable gravelpack,  developed by air-lifting techniques, and test pumped using standard step-drawdown and long duration discharge tests. Construction details are fully described in the Technical Specifications, BoQs and Drawings of  the Request for Proposals document, which will be issued to eligible firms that have submitted an Expresion of Interest.


Please note that this notice does not constitute a solicitation and UNON reserves the right to change or cancel this requirement at any time in the EOI or ensuing tender process.




Eligible vendors should meet the following qualification criteria:  

a.      Valid certificate of registration from the Ministry of Mining, Eneregy & Water Resources in Somaliland

b.      Registration at the Hargeisa Municipal Authority and/or current operational business licence.

c.       Established office and/or construction yard in Hargeisa (or demonstrated access to the same)

d.      Ownership of suitable rotary drilling equipment

e.      Demonstrated experience in borehole drilling under similar hydrogeological conditions (comparable to the conditions encountered at Ged Deeble and Hora Haadley), and operational experience in the least developed countries


Eligible vendors may be required to attend an in-country pre-bid meeting and site visit as part of the requirement for participating in the tender process.


Vendors must submit a signed vendor response form (see attached) no later than 17 July 2013 to the attention of Margaret.Mathenge@unon.org with a copy to Adeline.Singoei@unon.org indicating their intention to participate in the tender.  Hard copies of the Expressions of Interest and vendor response forms can also be delivered on or before 17 July 2013  to the attention of Marco van der Plas, at the HUWSUP Project Office within the Hargeisa Water Agency Compound, or the  UN-Habitat Somaliland Office, Sha’ab Area, Hargeisa.


All vendors interested in fulfilling the requirement described above must be registered with UNGM and may wish to visit www.ungm.org for full registration information in order to be eligible to participate in any solicitation.  More information on the registration process can be obtained from UNON (via email to Naomi.Njuno@unon.org).