The historic discrepancies of the British Empire towards S/L .


baasheAs the British occupied Aden by force in 1839 (I.M.Lewis.a modern history of the Somali) and made it a station which was a short route to India and since Aden lacked the resources to sustain the British garrison with meat, the British developed a strong interest in S/L to get access to the supply of meat which led it to establish a British protectorate in 1887(I.M.Lewis.a modern history of the Somali)
I as a Somaliland citizen who grew up in Aden when ever i draw a comparison between the past development of the two countries (S/L and Aden) during the British occupation, it is saddening and sickening to see the stark contrast between the two countries which is a strong evidence of the British neglect and parsimony of Somaliland through out their life.
Aden lies in a very strategically important  place as it controls two marine routes such as the southern entrance of the red sea and gulf of Aden .Aden was the capital of southern Yemen which was under British rule .It is situated in a volcanic mountainous , semi island with uninhibited environment where living things were hardly  to survive  .  But when the British occupied it they pumped millions of dollars and provided all the necessary infra strictures  such as  modern pavement roads with foot paths , tunnels between the mountains  to shortened the distances between the cities ,modern hospitals with highly qualified British doctors and nurses, many schools,24 hrs. Running water and electricity with powerful street security lights .Aden air ports and sea port was a free zone area and was supplying Africa, the Middle East and south East Asia with commercial goods from different parts of the world. In short it was the Dubai of that era. On the other hand if you look back to Somaliland in 26 June 1960 you will find out that it was no different than 1887 when Britain occupied it except for a few schools and governmental buildings  .The British didn’t build a single pavement road, no running water and the people were getting water 2o liters tin tanks from wells in the dry valleys carried by donkeys or men’s shoulder. There was no power house and no electricity and people were using oil lamps at nights .Berbera port was undeveloped and could only hold small wooden vessels .
in 1954 Britain gave away Hawed and reserve area to Ethiopia without the slightest shred of guilt or consideration for the feelings of S/L people or even seeking their consult. When a Somaliland delegation of the traditional leaders and politicians travelled all the way to meet the British government in London to present their plea, the British government were adamant and stuck to it’s previous position  .
In 26 june S/L  gained it’s independence from the British and in 1july 1960 united with South Somalia (Colonized by Italy ) in an illegal marriage because there was no act of union .The south officials took all the high positions in the government such as the president ,the prime minister, the interior, the foreign minister and exetra .
In1969 a military coup led by general Siyad Bare took over the power of the country and led a bloody fight against the S/L people ,who in their turn formed a Somali National Movement (SNM) which finally defeated the Bare regime who fled the country in `1991
and since 1991 S/L is  concentrating on state building,, peace making and reinforcing law and order, stability, democracy and developement  .S/L held four one man one vote elections,  a referendum on it’s constitution and self determination  where 97% of the population approved it and four presidents had smoothly exchanged power transfer. Now when we are trying to forget the dark past of the British by following the English saying’’ what is bye gone is bye gone ‘’, Britain once more comes  out forcefully against the aspiration and wishes of our people to have an independent state among the world free nations within the borders of the Britsh protectorate .The British is trying to force us to the illegal marriage of the  union  with the South by one time pressuring our government to attend a Somali conference under the chairman ship of the Somali president and some time making unfounded claims that the country ‘s security is fragile and is unsafe and ordering it’s citizens to immediately get out by predicting a terrorist attack which had never occurred  .When the  new representative of the general secretary who is British MR.Nicholas Kay is appointed as the head of UNSOM, the first action of the UN is to put the control of the whole Somali air space(Somlia and Somliland) under the fragile, weak Somlia government . I want to remind the world  by taking back our independence which cost us a high price with the blood of fifty thousand of our people and the whole destructions of our cities and villages by  the regime of the war criminal and dictator Siyad Bare there is no way of going back to that union with Somlia.
ENG.Bashe C.Gaboobe.