Making the Dialogue Successful: the Prospects of Somaliland–Somalia Negotiations


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A National Conference under the theme:

Making the Dialogue Successful:  the Prospects of Somaliland–Somalia Negotiations

03–05 July 2013

Hargeisa, Somaliland


Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies

University of Hargeisa


Following the London Somalia Conference in February 2012 hosted by the Government of the United Kingdom, a new conference on the theme of rehabilitation and reconstruction of Somalia was also concluded in London in May 2013. In 2012 Conference, Somaliland has been invited and participated as a separate entity from the other guests representing Somalia factions including the fledging internationally backed TFG, while also in May 2013 Conference were invited but Somaliland has declined to attend that Conference due to reasonable factors.


On the other hand, the first London Conference has proposed the two parties, Somaliland and Somalia to start the dialogue to end the decade’s long standoff between the two. As a response to that proposal, Somaliland and Somalia have met their first face-to-face discussion in London, UK, followed by Dubai, the UAE meeting in June 2012 while the third was the one hosted by the Turkish Government in April 2013.


This Conference to be held in Hargeisa in July 2013 reflects on “the way forward”, as much evidence already exists, important gaps in our knowledge and information sharing still remain. The Conference attempts to find an answer: How the Somaliland state can continue and tackle processes of negotiation with the Somalia? How do we position ourselves with the existence of long stigmatization and exclusion policies faced by Somaliland citizens with a history of a failed union, and how we can legalize our arguments in regards to our self-determination?


With the existence of many gaps, it cannot be approached from a single perspective, and instead need to be viewed from different disciplinary approaches. At this conference to be held in Hargeisa on July, 2013, multidisciplinary views will be emphasized, including input from the fields of Law, Political Science, International Relations, peace and conflict studies as well as from the field of practitioners and international advocacy.


This Conference aims to attract researchers, experts, practitioners and policy-makers from all around the country and around the world. This is therefore an excellent opportunity to discuss experiences, challenges, and achievements with people engaged in politics and those interested in discussing with those come from different disciplines with different perspectives. In addition, efforts will be made to formulate a set of recommendations for policy-makers, practitioners and researchers at the end of the Conference, in order to make an impact at the policy level, regarding the expected dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia, and culminate in a finalized text of recommendations at the conclusion of the Conference, following input from participants.


Call for Papers


Papers are welcomed on all issues related to the overall theme of the Conference.


Priority themes are:


  • Somaliland–Somalia negotiations  in a legal perspective
  • Formation of the Somali Republic in 1960 in a legal experiment
  • Somaliland State formation in international law
  • Prospects of Somaliland–Somalia negotiations and its impact on the state
  • Possible failure of negotiations and its consequences both in Somaliland and the wider region
  • New and innovative means of approaching the negotiations


The call for papers closes on June 30th, 2013. Abstracts for papers should be sent to, mentioning in the title of the email “Hargeisa Conference 2013”.



 Abstract format


Abstracts need to be well-structured and count a maximum of 350 words. Abstracts need to be sent in Word format in English. All contact information, including names and affiliations of all presenters, and address, email and phone of the responsible contact author, need to be mentioned properly.


Subject to acceptance after editorial and peer review, papers will be included in a journal publication: Somaliland Journal for Peace and Development and the authors will be awarded to $200 for research incentives.

If you need any further information please contact us through this mail:


Adam Haji-Ali Ahmed

Director, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies ( IPCS)

University of Hargeisa

Cell: +252-63-4403650